Urban Arrow family Bosch Perf.Disc400W - white

Urban Arrow family Bosch Perf.Disc400W  - white

Urban Arrow family Bosch Perf.Disc400W - white

Fabrikant: Urban Arrow
Varenummer: 162101
Lagerstatus: På lager
Kr. 36.800,00 Kr. 32.800,00


EFTER ÅRS TILBUD --The Family is a cargo bike with electric assist with which you can transport your children through the urban jungle quickly and safely. The bicycle has a light aluminium frame and is highly manoeuvrable, so you can zigzag smoothly through the traffic. - Our accessories, like the folding bench or extra seat on the back, allow you to fully customize the bike to your family’s needs. All with a stylish Dutch design. Don’t take the car - go by bike. What more could your family want? - Electric Support -Engine Bosch Active-Power 250W-Battery Powerpack 400Wh, Li-ION 36V, 11,6Ah-Range 50km (with load) / 70km-Charger 85W, +/- 3,5 hours - se mere på https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWr8tQlY4fGuynOA3Q-84Tg
Varemærke Urban Arrow
Type Unisex
Farve white